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Video Sleep Consultation

Get scheduled within 24 hours of calling us. Get seen within 2-3 business days by board-certified sleep doctor.

Home Sleep Study

A home sleep study allows patients to get tested for sleep apnea in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Personalized Treatment

The whole process from getting seen to starting treatment takes usually under 3 weeks.

Longitudinal Care

We monitor efficacy and compliance with treatment. Care coordination is also done routinely.

Sleep disorders we treat

Sleep Apnea


Restless Leg Syndrome

Circadian Rhythm Disorders

Why choose us?


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Excellent care by Dr Zia, very professional and knowledgeable. She deals the patients with utmost responsibility and care. Would definitely recommend her for any sleep related issues. Really appreciate your support and kindness.
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Appreciate your attention to details and your willingness to spend time outside of business hours...appreciate the genuine care.
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I had a much better experience with Dr. Zia during a remote video-consultation than in any of the other in-person appointments I had with my previous sleep physician. She is methodical, listens carefully and makes sure each and every step of the process is understood. She also manifested a genuine interest in helping me, understanding my relevant medical history and clearly sharing expectations on the next steps in my treatment.
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Take a deep dive into the hidden world of your sleep. Applying for, having insurance verified and receiving the test kit was fast and easy. Effortlessly done in my own bed the results remotely arrived at the sleep center in the morning. The wealth of information the disposable watch, finger sensor and heart monitor provides is impressive. A sleep disorder was detected and Dr. Zia had a line up of therapeutic options to offer me which she patiently described in detail along with the physiology and dangers of sleep apnea. A crash course! I'm thankful I was alerted to this problem so as to safe-guard my health.Telemedora is pioneering tele-health in a first class way!
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Dr. Zia was thorough and competent, took a comprehensive history, listened carefully and made excellent decisions. The initial forms are all online, and while I was a little overwhelmed by receiving a list of seven things to do with five kinks to various forms in advance of the appointment, it is of course all the things usually done for a new patient on the doctors office too. Sleep medicine lends itself very well to a remote telemedicine appointment, and the convenience and efficiency of having the home sleep study mailed to one's home cannot be matched for a busy person.
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My experience was a very good experience with Dr. Zia, she was very patient and made sure I understood totally what she was talking about throughout our entire conversation. Our visit was through Zoom which I was happy about, seeing I live about 109 miles away. Staff were very helpful and also very patient with me seeing I am/was totally unfamiliar with Zoom... I would totally recommend Dr. Zia 100%.
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Very efficient. Caring and thorough in her exam and she makes sure that I understand my condition and her recommendations. She goes above and beyond my expectations.

Insurances Accepted

*Please note that in California, Telemedora is in-network with some plans of above listed insurances. Telemedora will do complimentary insurance verification and eligibility benefits prior to the patient's visit.  However, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to verify their eligibility, benefits, and network status with their insurance carrier prior to their visit.

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We know you may have some queries; that’s why we have compiled a list of our most common queries. If you don't see the question you have, you can call us at 650-687-7368 during business hours.

Yes. We accept Medicare. If you are in California, we accept commercial insurances like Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield of California, HealthSmart, Health Net, Humana, Medicare, United, etc. For other private insurance, we are continuously expanding our insurance network. So if you don’t see the name of your insurance, get in touch with our office at 650-687-7368, and we’ll be happy to assist you in determining your eligibility for our services. At this time, we are not accepting MediCal or Medicaid. Your co-pay will be due at the time of visit and claims will be submitted by us to your insurance after your visit.

Most insurance companies cover telemedicine visits now. At the time of scheduling your appointment, we do a complimentary insurance verification and eligibility check for you. However, before scheduling your visit with us, it is ultimately your responsibility to call your insurance carrier and find out whether your telemedicine or virtual visit will be reimbursed or not.

YES. Patient privacy is highly important for us. Telemedora uses Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)-compliant technology, which has strict safeguards, including multiple layers of security, to protect your electronic Protected Health Information (PHI).

Credit/debit card information is required in order to schedule your appointment. You will get a secure link to enter this information.  Please note that payment is due at the time of your virtual visit.

YES. Telemedora does not store or have access to your financial information. The credit/debit card information that is entered by you at the time of the visit is encrypted and processed by our payment processing partner.

We understand that things can come up. Please understand that your doctor has also set aside time only for you. When you don’t cancel an appointment in a timely manner, i.e., at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment, this may prevent another patient from utilizing that appointment slot. Conversely, if another patient fails to cancel an appointment in a timely manner, it may prevent you from getting an appointment due to a seemingly full schedule. That’s why we have TWO business days cancellation policy. If you don’t cancel an appointment at least two business days in advance, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $75.

If you miss your appointment without canceling it, you will be charged a missed appointment fee of $75.

Depending on sleep disorders and your state regulations, controlled substances like Lunesta, Ambien, etc. can be prescribed only for a 30-day period. If additional scripts are needed, a follow-up visit will be required. We do not prescribe any opioids or narcotics.

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