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How can we help hospitals

If your healthcare organization is looking for clinical pulmonary or sleep physician services, interpretation services for pulmonary function tests, sleep study, or administrative services like medical director services, you could reach out to us here. To have the above services tailored to your needs, benefiting patients and your hospital.

Top 6 ways how Telemedora can help hospitals

A chart showing top 6 ways how Telemedora can help hospitals
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Exceptional care

There is an acute shortage of pulmonologists across the nation. If your healthcare organization is one of those, we can help you. Telemedora provides short or long-term coverage for inpatient and ambulatory pulmonology and sleep.
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Shorter hospital stays

The availability of an experienced pulmonologist for hospitalized patients ensures that care and monitoring are provided to these patients in a timely manner. The focused attention and prompt medical interventions result in a shorter length of hospital stay and improved outcomes for patients.

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Reduced morbidity and mortality

Timely evaluation by a pulmonologist helps address clinical decline promptly. Early interventions lead to improved patient outcomes, including a lower burden of chronic diseases and a reduced risk of death.

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COPD/Asthma readmission prevention

One of the leading causes of hospital admission and readmission is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Having a pulmonologist take care of these patients during their admissions secondary to chronic lung diseases has been shown to improve outcomes.

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Expert care made accessible

We help achieve quality metrics by improving outcomes. Telemedora shares your commitment to exceptional pulmonary care, helping you achieve your healthcare goals efficiently and effectively.  Expect top-tier care for your patients and community.
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Cost saving

We contribute to cost savings for your hospital. We optimize resources while delivering top-quality care. Telemedora is your partner in advancing pulmonary and sleep care and achieving excellence.

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